Collaborative ABC Movie Project

A few years ago, a group of teachers who are also writers and explorers of technology decided that we would collaborate on a digital story concept. Using the format of an ABC book, we each were assigned letters and asked to create a short digital story around a theme with that letter. Thus, 26 short movies were created, shared and enjoyed. This site is designed to keep those movies alive and hopefully, our movies will inspire you to create your own digital stories. The first step? Find the heart of a story and then tell it. We even set up a Voicethread page here for you to share your story with us. And you can find some of our own reflections here, too. -- Kevin and Bonnie

A told B and B told C ...

Flicka, Flicka, Zoom, Zoom
(with humble apologies to Bill Martin J., writer of Chicka Chicka Boom Boom)

A told B and B told C
"What kind of story will you share with me?"
D, E, F and tag-along G
They all jumped up into the video tree
and asked with excitement about H and I
who brought along footage that captures their lives
And J whispered to K, and K to L and M
that there is no beginning here, and no middle, and no end
Just one long story, to be mashed up into a show
But there is an N sitting with its best friend O
and P, and Q, and R all share in the glory.
Little bits of pieces of photos, voice and story
all brought together by the collective mind
Where S is something special and T is something fine,
And U remains safe and sound, waiting on the ground,
and standing right in between is courageous letter V,
while into the screen steps their friends: W, X, Y, and Z.
Flicka, Flicka, Zoom, Zoom, what will be created?
Something new, something strange, something integrated
with all the worlds of the Web and tapping our experiences;
We find our way into this room, regardless of our differences,
to share tale, to lend an ear, to write from within our heart,
and piece us back together as a place from which we start
to understand, to comprehend, to move beyond the text
and think about the way we think, and what can happen next.
A told B and B told C
"What kind of story will you share with me?"